What YBN Provide

YBN Capital services are offered to financial market professionals, active traders, hedge fund and money managers.

We provide services to a wide range of traders including: retail, institutional investors, portfolio managers, Introducing Brokers, and Affiliates. Best market spreads, speed of execution, pool of liquidity, and variety of trading instruments can meet requirements of traders at all levels.

Offers trading environment with no re-quotes, no conflict of interest or trading strategy including hedging, scalping and use of Expert Advisors.

No Dealing Desk Intervention

YBN Capital has eliminated the Conflict of Interest that is an intrinsic trait of the traditional brokerage model used by the majority of FX market brokers. YBN acts as an agent, we simply transmit orders to market and our traders benefit from No Dealing Desk Intervention and no price manipulation.

YBN trading model guarantees that all market participants are equal with respect to instant access to prices provided by leading FX banks.

YBN MT4 Platform

Our adoption of an Agency Model means that traders enjoy Straight-Through-Processing (STP) and direct-to-market access on their currency orders, via YBN sophisticated MT4 Platform, that best fits your needs and particular trading style in Forex trading ensuring the best, most competitive Bid/ Ask prices from our pool of leading liquidity providers.

Security of Client Funds

Clients security and safety of funds are the top priority at YBN Capital. We ensure that our clients’ funds are totally safe by depositing their funds in segregated from the Company’s own accounts at leading investment global banks- liquidity providers.

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