YBN Trading Academy

Welcome to the Trading Academy. If you’re reading this, then you have decided to join one of the world’s fastest growing online communities. Since the Internet revolution made it possible to trade online a little over a decade ago, more and more people have turned to trading, either as a way to supplement their existing incomes, or as a way to completely escape the workaday world and earn money on their own terms. Most seasoned traders will tell you that those who end up profiting, in the long run, are in the minority. Trading is indeed risky, and we’re not here to obscure these risks, or to give you a false sense of your own abilities. We’re in the business of helping to create educated traders; this is what Trading Academy is all about.

One thing that not many people in the industry discuss very often is that the churn rate in online trading is incredibly high. One of the more sobering statistics is that most beginners tend to wipe out their trading account balances within their first few months of trading. Brokers draw novices in, convince them that currency trading is as simple as applying a few technical indicators or clicking ‘Buy’ when an economic report comes in better than expected, then they watch them lose it all, safe in the knowledge that more beginners are flocking to their websites all the time. Our business model is different. We want our traders to have long and profitable trading careers. And while we may not be able to guarantee your success, we do our best to ensure that you go in with your eyes open and take your best self to the markets every time you trade.

Trading Academy has been designed to prepare a complete beginner for the challenges of trading on the markets. By the end of this course you should know how trade works, where you stand in the trading food chain, and what steps you can take to increase your edge. Don’t feel that you have to go through the material linearly. If there is a specific subject that intrigues you please feel free to tackle it first, and then move on to other sections depending on the questions that arise as you move through the material.

Many people pick things up quicker when they direct their own learning, and our Trading Academy has been created to allow for this. If you are new so it’s advisable that you eventually cover all of the material, but the order in which you choose to do so is entirely up to you. If you have some knowledge of trading there are sections that you will no-doubt want to skip, feel free to pick and choose what’s useful to you. If you fancy yourself as some kind of trading mastermind then you’re in the wrong place, surely.