YBN Credit Line Explained

YBN Capital offers a credit line to SuperTrader investors.

This is NOT a bonus.

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Deposit Requirements

The minimum deposit for YBN SuperTrader investors is $2000 with a credit multiplier of 2. In this way investors can meet the minimum capitalization requirement of $4,000 without having to deposit the full amount. This is in order to protect against the risks associated with undercapitalized accounts. In order to function optimally, a SuperTrader portfolio must be adequately diversified by being invested in a number of strategies, with sufficient capital allocated to each one and enough free equity remaining for further allocation. Deposits made in any currency will be converted to USD and should total to at least $4,000 after the use of a credit multiplier.

In order to make the platform more accessible we offer a credit line that allows you to multiply your investment by up to 2 times and add it to your initial deposit. So in order to meet the $4,000 minimum deposit requirement, an investor can deposit as little as $2000 and obtain the remaining $2000 using our credit line (optional based on client request).

Minimum account size

The minimum account size for YBN SuperTrader is $4,000, however, investors should be aware that the more capital you have available, the more diverse your FX portfolio will be.

One of the first laws of trading is not to trade with an underfunded account. Underfunded accounts are very vulnerable to volatility.

An underfunded SuperTrader account causes the strategies in your portfolio to not perform in-line with leaders’ positions. There are three main reasons for this:

  • An underfunded account does not allow funds to be allocated to a range of strategies. This causes the investor’s portfolio to be inadequately diversified
  • An underfunded account forces investments to be overleveraged in relation to the leader being followed. Which translates to more risk for the investor than the leader
  • These two issues result in the investor’s portfolio being very vulnerable to drawdowns

Credit line risks, margin and maintenance calls

While our credit line makes additional funds available to investors and offers the potential for increased returns, it also comes with its own risks, which you should be fully aware of. All losses incurred while investing in SuperTrader strategies are borne by your risk capital alone and not the funds YBN has credited to you. Using a credit line allows you to continue allocating funds to strategies even as your own equity diminishes. When using a credit line you may receive a margin call if you have insufficient equity to absorb the losses resulting from a drawdown.

As a SuperTrader investor you have the added option of receiving a maintenance call via email. In this way you can avoid the liquidation of your open positions by depositing more funds into your account, if you choose to do so.

How we are able to offer a credit line

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